Mahatma Fule Kaladalan.

Botanical Garden.

Children Traffic Park.

Mahakavi Kalidas Kalamandir.

Project Dashboard

Total : 51 Projects

Greenfield : 02 Projects

ABD : 32 Projects

Pancity : 17 Projects

DPR : 5 Projects


SCF : 02

PPP : 00

CSR : 00

Convergence : 00

Project Name Status Type of Project Cost of Project (Rs. Crore)
Greenfield electrification project DPR Stage SCF 52.42
Green field infrastructure development project DPR Stage SCF 209.59

SCF : 14

PPP : 06

CSR : 02

Convergence : 10

Project Name Status Type of Project Cost of Project (Rs. Crore)
Electric crematorium Completed SCF 2.33
Mahatma Phule Kaladan renovation Completed SCF 3.7
Nehru Garden renovation Completed SCF 1.32
Kalidas mandir renovation Completed SCF 9.96
Pandit Paluskar Auditorium restoration Tender in Progress SCF 2.39
Automated mechanical gate Tender in Progress SCF 26
Kushal Nashik-Skill development DPR Stage SCF 18.06
Integrated Water Supply, Major & Minor Roads, Sewerage Project in ABD Tender in Progress SCF 241.8
Pilot Smart Road Under Execution SCF 21.72
Godavari Riverfront Development Including Beautification and Infrastructure Components in ABD area Tender in Progress SCF 68
Trash Skimmer- for Godavari River Tender in Progress SCF 2.71
Godavari riverfront Development including Sewerage and Water Infrastructure components in ABD Tender in Progress SCF 9.1
De- silting for Godavari River Tender in Progress SCF 12.1
Redevelopment of WTP and water Infrastructure in ABD area Tender in Progress SCF 108.38
Solid Waste Management (Retrofitting PPP)Part of Nirmal nashik swacchh bharat Completed PPP 1.25
Solar panel in ABD Under Execution PPP 5
Street Light Under Execution PPP 171
Public toilet(Tower n toilets) Under Execution PPP 3.38
Multi level parking Tender in Progress PPP 47.12
Project Niwas-Slum development DPR Stage PPP 30.82
Fountain over Holkar Bridge (Retrofitting CSR)Part of project Goda Completed CSR 0.95
Ashok Stambh ( Island Beautification) DPR Stage CSR 0.56
Renovation & Modernization of 33/11 kV SS Completed Convergence 6.79
UG Cable Completed Convergence 19.44
Installation of DTR Completed Convergence 5.63
Capacity enhancement of LT sub-station Completed Convergence 6.3
RMU,Sectionaliser, Auto reclosures, FPI etc. Under Execution Convergence 0.35
Others (DTC RENOVATION & Others at 11 KV) Completed Convergence 7.85
Sundarnarayan Temple renovation (Archeological Department) Under Execution Convergence 4.5
Sarkarwada Renovation Completed Convergence 9.59
Shivaji Nagar Garden Under Execution Convergence 4.98
MTDC Completed Convergence 9.03

SCF : 02

PPP : 04

CSR : 04

Convergence : 07

Project Name Status Type of Project Cost of Project (Rs. Crore)
Nashik Jeevan-water supply pan city project DPR Stage SCF 282
Selection of Master system Integrator (MSI) Under Execution SCF 78.79
Parking management Under Execution PPP 79.54
Pickup sheds (200 nos) Tender in Progress PPP 16.3
Public Bicycle Sharing Completed PPP 28.2
Bus Depots & Terminus DPR Stage PPP 99.36
History Museum (Pan city CSR)Part of project puritan Completed CSR 2
Traffic Park (Pan city CSR) Part of project puritan Completed CSR 4
Beautification Below NH-3 flyover (Pan city CSR)Part of project rachana Completed CSR 1.5
Nehru bio diversity park with cycle track Completed CSR 12
Water Audit Completed Convergence 2.96
Bus Service Tender in Progress Convergence 175.02
Surakshit Nashik- CCTV cameras Under Execution Convergence 56.46
National highway road project Completed Convergence 312.96
Reconstruction of Godavari bridge and new pedestrian subways on NH-3 Under Execution Convergence 25.41
Construction of flyover from K. K. Wagh College to Hotel Jatra junction with ramp Under Execution Convergence 311.8
Concretization of Surface for Smart Parking at Bhalekar School Ground Completed Convergence 1.83

Greenfield :20

Retrofitting :20

Pancity :20

PPP :20

SCF :20

CSR :20

Convergence :20

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