Completed Project

Renovation of Kalidas Mandir auditorium

Renovation of a 942 seated fully air-conditioned kalidas kala Manadir, a premier venue for artists of theater plays, dramas and other artistic activities is allocated in the center of city. Various components of the project included : carrying out overall civil work, refurbish electrical, acoustical, fire management and air-conditioning work.

  • Promoting cultural and artistic activities
  • Providing platform for budding artists
  • Renovated premiere venue for theater plays, drama and other artistic pursuits
Renovation of Mahatma Phule Kaladan art gallery

Mahatma Phule Kaladalan, with an area of 1800 square meters is located in the center of city and exhibits educational and cultural resources of the city through art gallery. Under the project, gallery was designed and renovated for optimal preservation and display of the extensive and exclusive art works.

  • Art gallery for local art lovers
  • Providing platform for artist
  • Establishing space for business / official meetings
Renovation of Nehru Garden

Nehru Garden is a pleasing space for everyone for interaction, play games and sports and exercises. Renovation of the Nehru Garden Has improved the functionality of the park, even as the park is located in a highly dense area.

  • Increase green space in the city
  • Forum for citizen engagement
  • Improvement in quality of life
Public Bicycle Sharing

The Schemes is foreseen to act as a feeder service in areas with high auto ridership by providing last mile connectivity to the residents who commute daily for work, education and recreational activities. Under this initiative 100 bicycles are being installed at different locations.

  • Promote eco-friendly mode of transportation
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Long term positive health outcomes
Development of Traffic Park

The traffic education park was set up in order to bring about an attitudinal change, particularly in young generation so to achieve the vision of safe roads.

Park was developed over a 3 acre Plot near Mumbai Naka. Students and adults are trained with the help of models and sign age showcasing traffic signs like one way, no entry, Zebra crossing and other rules to be followed. Models of bus stop and over bridge at the traffic park aid in better understanding of the subject. Furthermore, the facility is also used to train new drivers of State Transport department.

  • Educate and promote traffic ethics
  • Citizen engagement
  • More than 50,000 school children trained
  • More than 33,000 adults from various sectors trained
Development of Nehru bio diversity park with cycle track

The project area spans over 97 hectares and is located at the foothills of Pandavleni. Animatronic animals that look exactly like real animals have been installed at the facility. Features related to movements of mannequins of animals elicits interest among the visitors and educate children about the importance of nature and bio-diversity.

  • Main Entrance in shape of Butterfly
  • Cycle way, Informative sign ages, Forest information
  • Elephant Sanctuary, Light sound music show
Development of fountain over Holkar Bridge

Nashik is a pilgrim center known for its historical importance and its intangible heritage, which has manifested in Various religious activities such as Kumbha mela, one of the largest religious festivals in the world. Rituals are performed at Ramkund and Godavari Ghat during Kumbha Mela. Physical heritages manifested through Godavari river and its beautiful ghats in the heart of city. Fountain over Holakar Bridge was installed with the objective of enhancing the aesthetics at waterfront along the Godavari river.

  • Beatification of river front
  • Ecstasy type water fall
  • Attractive lighting
Development of History Museum

History museum is located on Gangapur road near Pumpimg station. The museum was constructed in the memory of Balasaheb Thakare and is dedicated to late Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The Museum houses painting of chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj along with old weapons like swords, dhalsetc. Beautiful garden in front of museum is easily accessible and is a peaceful place for citizens to spend leisure time.

  • Promotion of cultural heritage
  • Increase tourism
  • Citizen engagement
Solid Waste Management

With rapid urbanization and change in lifestyle, the amount of municipal solid waste has been increasing and Nashik city is no exception. To tackle the solid waste management issue, the project for Nashik City was implemented under PPP mode. Main objectives behind the project are effective and efficient solid waste collection and transportation, waste reduction, segregation and proper disposal of waste for making the city clean and smart.

  • Ghantagadi deployed for door to door collection
  • 16 Ghanatagadi vehicles as per MSW rule
  • Separate compartment for dry and wet waste in each Ghanatagadi
  • GPS device installed in each vehicle
  • Daily monitoring of door to door collection through centralized GPS
Beautification under NH-3 flyover

Under this project, open spaces below the flyover from Garware Point, Mumbai Naka to Late Meenetai Thackeray stadium neare KK Wagh Engineering College has been beautified through paintings and sketches of inspiring personalities. The beautification has been done under CSR and agreed maintenance period of 10 year.

  • Railing work, Walking track with Shahabad flooring
  • Seating Place, Pictures, Poems on columns near garden
  • Lighting arrangement, Tree plantation
Renovation of Sarkarwada heritage center

Project was undertaken in Convergence by Archaeological Department. Sarkar wada is located in the core city near Ramkunda and Godawari where large number of devotees of Nashik City and neighboring states visit for its unique spiritual, historical, cultural and ecological heritage. Sarkar wada is idiosyncratic for converting wada into a museum through convergence. Renovation work done for restoration and improvement gave due consideration to the existing urban fabric and the need to increase tourist activities. Phase 1 of the project has been completed and Phase 2 initiated.

  • Reviving culture and heritage of the city
  • Reviving ancient history
  • Increased Tourists Footfall