Execution Project

Smart Parking management

The ICT baced parking management has been proposed for 28 On-street, and 5 Off-Street Public parking spaces. The ICT system will assist in providing real time information about vacant parking slots through city app. It will also have multiple payment options like smart card, tokens, and e-payment. Modernization of the parking spaces is proposed by providing Sensors and cameras for data collection on parking lot capacity and availability.

  • Optimal use of space, Decrease the instances of illegal parking
  • Available of easy parking, Reduce traffic congestion
  • Availability of easy parking, Eliminate illegal parking
Pilot Smart Road in ABD area

The pilot Smart Road stretch is from Trimbak Naka to Ashok Stambh, measuring about 1.1km. This project is about transforming chaotic road image to a smart road. Proposed features of the smart road are uniform standard carriage way width from one junction to another, properly designed footpaths, bicycle lane, road intersection development, infrastructure utility ducts below footpaths, road marking, proper storm water drainage and landscaping to increase overall aesthetics of the road.

  • Improve Street aesthetics, Dedicated space for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Giant leap toward infrastructure of ‘tomorrow’
  • Smart street furniture including proper road sign age
  • Ducts for utilities, landscaping, etc.
Installation of solar panels on rooftops of government buildings

Under this project, solar panel would be installed on the rooftop of 16 government building. Scope of work included preparation of Green & Blue Environment plan, reduction in conventional energy demand by resorting to renewable energy source like Solar Panel Installation. Further, the capacity of project is envisaged to be 1 MW and once fully operational it will benefit NMC by resulting in saving approximately INR 1 Crore every year.

  • Long term energy and ecological security by reduction in carbon emission, Utilization of unused rooftop space Lower the expenditure on electricity
Command and Control Center

The Project is aimed to streamline municipal operations and enforce surveillance and security. Main features of the project include:

  • Smart city elements like wi-fi, Kiosk, Environmental Sensor, Variable Message Display, and emergency call Box (SOS)
  • Creation of Smart city Operation Center and Citizen Digital Experience Center
  • Installation of CCTV cameras for surveillance
  • Better streamlining of municipal operations
  • Ease in surveillance
  • Increase overall safety and security of the city
  • Ensuring real time effective decision making