Tender In Progress

Pan City Water project involving SCADA and AMR implementation

Installation of SCADA system will help the MMC in conducting bulk water audit from source till ESR level. It will help automation of entire water supply system at intake well, water treatment plants, water levels in ESRs. The project also include installation of AMR meters, which will reduce Non Revenue Water as the readings will be taken directly to the server without manpower intervention.

  • Reduction in NRW
  • Ensuring efficiency in supply of water
  • Overall monetary benefits as a result of increase in water
  • Utilization capacity
  • Centralized control of WTPs and ESR
Multi level parking (Plot no. P167, P485, P486)

Due to high demand of off-street parking in the old city area due to religious places, two locations for multi-level car parking have been identified to cater to the growing demand. Identified parking locations are at Yashwant Mandai and Multi-level car parking at near Sita Gumpha.

  • Increase in organized parking
  • Enhance ease of parking
  • Reduction in traffic congestion
  • Promote general civic sense